eXXXotica Expo designs

Various graphic designs for eXXXotica.

Official Show Program cover design.
Meter Board sign for schedule on tradeshow floor.
Handbill designs for 2014 dates.
FP ad for 2014 show dates.
Handbill for Fri & Sun after parties.
Half page Ad for Sunday after party.
Handbill design for Sat after party.
Sat After Party Ad design for NJ show.
Half page Ad for Fri after party.
Handbill deisgn for 2014 Atlantic City show.
FP Ad for Atlantic City 2014 show.
chi.exxxoticaexpo - Promotional Ad Design - Saturday After Party Handbill
chi.exxxoticaexpo - Promotional Ad Design
chi.exxxoticaexpo - Promotional Ad Design - Chicago Show Program Cover, photo by Steve Prue
fl.exxxoticaexpo - Ft Lauderdale 2013 Show Program Design
ac.exxxoticaexpo - Atlantic City 2013 Show Program Design
chi.exxxoticaexpo - Chicago 2011 Show Program Design
nj.exxxoticaexpo - Edison 2012 Show Program Design
exxxoticaexpo - LA 2010 Show Program Design
nj.exxxoticaexpo - Edison 2009 Show Program Design
exxxoticaexpo - Miami Beach 2007 Show Program Design
exxxoticaexpo - LA 2010 Show Signage - Entrance Unit Design
exxxoticaexpo - LA 2010 Show Ad Design
exxxoticaexpo - Promotional Ad Design
ac.exxxoticaexpo - Atlantic City 2013 The Fannys - Award Show Design - Logo design by Fang Ling Lee
exxxoticaexpo - Club Spotlight Banner 40 ft wide Design Logo used by permission by club
chi.exxxoticaexpo - Chicago 2013 Billboard Designs
exxxoticaexpo - Billboard Designs for NJ and Chicago
exxxoticaexpo - Miami Beach After Party Ad Designs
exxxoticaexpo - Promotional Ad Design

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